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Point of lay lohmann brown pullets available to pre order now, available 17th of July 2024. Limited numbers.

To order, please contact james directly on 07796342763 or email

Lohman Browns - PRE ORDER NOW FOR July 17th 2024!

The Lohmann Brown is a very friendly and inquisitive chicken, they make lovely pets as they are easy to handle. Gentle, docile, and very hardy they are fantastic all-rounders. They are calm, confident, and not flighty. They can lay up to 330 medium to large light brown eggs a year in the right condition, enjoy having plenty of fresh eggs every day with these gorgeous laying hens.

Point of lay pullets (16 Weeks Old) ready for collection early April 2024

£15 each

-£5 deposit required to reserve


Cheshire Blues 

The Cheshire Blue is a very unique mid-sized hen, they are an Araucana Hybrid and as such lay lovely medium-sized blue shelled eggs. They come in different shapes with some having tufts and some with fluffy beards, each is slightly different from the other. They are sweet with people and have a friendly and inquisitive nature. Confident and robust they are happy foragers suited both to a larger or smaller environment, they can ay up to 300 medium sizes blue shelled eggs a year.


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Bluebells are lovely laying chickens, they are a hybrid derived from the Pure Breed French Maran and lay brown eggs. Bluebells can lay up to 300 eggs a year. They are lovely birds and come in many color variations, gentle natured and confident they make a great addition to any back garden flock.


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White Leghorn (AKA White Stars) chickens are one of the most prolific laying hens out there and can produce up to 300 large white eggs a year. Confident and robust they are happy foragers suited both to a larger or smaller environment and can be placed with almost all other breeds. They are a bit more flighty than the browns, so it would be important to clip their wings or have tall fences if they are to be kept in a smaller enclosure.


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