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Welcome to Hens On The Hill, the home of great quality, free-range eggs, sustainably produced by regenerative farming practices in the heart of Lancashire. 

Now you've tasted the eggs, here's the story.

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All About Eggs

Several years ago, Jimmy and Heather decided to expand their passion for growing sustainable, delicious free-range eggs into more than a hobby. Advocates of regenerative agriculture, their pasture grazed chicken eggs have become a local must-have. After growing success, the business has diversified and now has an on-farm egg vending machine, tucked away next to the chickens. 

Since opening the vending machine, areas of wildflowers have been planted to both help and encourage pollinators. Fruit trees have been planted for additional food that the chickens can forage. We have overwintered our birds in our polytunnel, to fertilize the soil ready for spring planting. Our chickens will be rotationally grazed alongside our cattle. The aim of our enterprise is to try and replicate the natural ecosystems in nature to supply nutritionally dense food, free from chemical intervention, grown in an environmentally sustainable way with animal health and welfare at the heart of it all.


"Our customers love coming and watching the chickens out and about, whilst collecting their own eggs from our vending machine. I think people both enjoy seeing where their food comes from as well as being more accessible to the wider community." -  Jimmy 



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